Remote Desktop issue

I upgraded the OCC from 6.7.1 to 6.8.0.
After the upgrade, I have trouble in running Reomte desktop mode. The trouble is in the local context. For example.
1. I log in my computer through Remote desktop on another computer.
2. I start the OCC application.
3. I switch to the selection to TopAbs_Edge for example.
4. The entire application will become veryyyyy slow.

The issue happens on some older computers also.

If you want to reproduce the issue,
1. Log in your computer through Remote desktop from other computer.
2. Run the OCC MFC sample application to debug the "Viewer3d" project.
3. Create a box
4. Switch the selection to "Edge"
You will get the problem.

OCC6.7.1 doesn't have such issue. I guess the issue is related to the Opengl kernel.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



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After research, I found out that Windows remote desktop supports Opengl 1.1.
I think OCC6.8.0 use newer version Opengl.
Anybody has workaround about this?

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Dear SF. Fan,

The issue generally comes from the fact, that within RDP from Microsoft only software OpenGL implementation is available (as already mentioned by you).
This configuration is useless for any modern 3D application (due to it's performance and missing features) and supported by OCCT only in compatibility mode (which will be dropped in some next release).

However the reason of this specific issue is slow-down of software Microsoft OpenGL implementation with GL_DITHER enabled - the code disabling this option was removed some time ago.
The following bug with ID=25800 has been registered for the issue.

Best regards