Remove axis displayed while rendering objects

I'm not sure what is the exact name of the axis that's displayed which showing objects in a viewer, but the attached picture might show what I need. I was wondering what's the function to inhibit the display of the x/y/z axis that are overlapping the model in the upper left corner.


Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

That's the AIS_Trihedron. You can erase it by passing its handle to the Erase method of the AIS_InteractiveContext. You may redisplay it by passing its handle to the Display method of the AIS_InteractiveContext.

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Sharjith, thanks for the reply. There seems to be an easier method V3d_View::TriedronErase() that just deletes it -- which is what I need in this case.

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Cool, I learned something new! I never noticed that method. There's also one to display it back. Thanks for the feedback.