Render triangle array

Hi I have a newbie question.I want to create a mesh. I have created a TColgp_Array1OfPnt array and a Poly_Array1OfTriangle from nodes of first array. But now how can I render this mesh in opencascade window? OCC has also MeshShape API. Should I use this API to create a mesh instead? If yes, how can I render a MeshShape in occ window? Thanks in advance

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I think the idea these days is that you wrap your mesh data structure in a MeshVS datasource and use the MeshVS package to render.

Try looking here for some tips: -


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I have successfully rendered using MeshVS but I think MeshVS does not have HLR option and thats why I need to use AIS_TexturedShape. Is there an easy way to convert my data (or poly_triangulation) to TopoDS or should I create one by one in a loop using BRep builder?