rendering cad data files into java3d software having opencascade kernel.

im very new to applying opencascade and i would like to get some information about how does the cad data files are rendered into a cad software which has java3d renderer and opencascade kernel. i would like to know the flow of information that takes place during the process of rendering, and how does that information is processed by opencascade kernel.

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there's a project called jcae.
Perhaps it can give you some hints.



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Hi Tess,
I've the same question. I was able to do a simple BPrimAPI_MakeBox exporting geometry into Java3D geometry classes, in jcae project it's very difficult to understand how it is done. They uses several Domain and Provider classes, exploring Vertexes, Edges, Faces of TopoDS Shapes... I was not able to use their viewer3d component. Has anybody a suggestion in order to use opencascade V3d_viewer in Java3d? There's a simpler way than jcae solution?
Thanks in Advance.