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I am studying for a Phd at Loughborough University and am considering using Open CASCADE for the development of an application in the area of assembly modelling/tolerance assignment to be integrated with Dassault Systemes/CATIA software.

The requirements for Open CASCADE on an NT platform include something called TCL. I know this is a command language of sorts but is it something that just has to be installed for CASCADE to operate in the Visual C++ environment or is it a complete language that I will need to get to grips with in addition to C++?

I will shortly be looking at Visual C++ for the first time in any case, having only covered C at undergraduate level.

Any other information or directions would be most helpful.


Alan Hazell Manufacturing Eng. Loughborough University, England

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TCl is mandatory only if you want to use the Draw Test Environment. However everything concerning TCL is provided wit the Draw libraries. You do not need to get it from another place. There is no link between Visual C++ and TCL. TCL is just used by draw application. If you are using Visual C++ you can also use the MFC to pilot the Open CASCADE viewer and build the graphic user interface of your application. This works fine. Some samples will be provided with the devlivery of Open CASCADE on windows NT by January 31th.


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TCL is only needed, if you want to use the test harness (DRAW). This is a special package, with which you can test newly programmed functionality (resp. componets) very fast.

If you linked your program together with the DRAW related things then you can start your application from within your shell. All commands are (if you declared them to be tcl-commands) typed in with command line parameters. Look the samples that came with CasCade for further details. Please have a look in src/TTOPOLOGY and src/DrawResources.

If you like to build your own GUI, then you don't need it. For that purpose please have a look in AISShapeViewer example.

There should also exist a PDF file, documenting the "DRAW harness".

TCL was also needed by previous versions of CasCade for the "Software Factory". That included tools (mostly tcl scripts) for managing the whole distributed software development process. I am not sure if this will be published. It would be nice to have it, at least for the SUN and Linux version. I don't think they will be published, but maybe someone from MATRA can tell us something about ?!?!

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