Retrieving Product Information from STEP file...

Hi All,
I Had completed the process of reading the STEP file using STEPCAFControl_Reader and made it to display using the V3d_Viewer... Now i need to retrieve the CAD information from the STEP file...CAD information here means the Product number(or)Part Number,Keypoint information and also the interface(difference in dimensions) between two parts....just as an example for the Product number (or) part number

PRODUCT('3037-1','','V5r15-05112006',(#2)) ;

In the above case i need to retrieve the value "3037-1" from the STEP file...can anyone help me out in retriving the above information....Also i need to retrieve the key point information and also the instances between the two parts...

Waiting for your reply...

E.G.Arun Prasath

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" made it to display using the V3d_Viewer... "
I look at the V3d_Viewer but i can't find any methods that accepts the
TopoDS_Shape result = reader.OneShape();
result(shapes in CADE format) for it to get displayed?
any hint?