Reusing graphic context.

Hi all,

I am getting doubts about how to manage graphic context. That is, Handle(V3d_Viewer) and Handle(Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice) objects.

I have a MFC MDI Application, and for each document, I have got a view with four rendering screens. By now, I am creating this two objects for each document, and sharing between the four different views.

My question is what is better in performance (speed and memory consumption):
1.- Create a viewer and a graphic device for all the application and use whenever I need (even setting dialog or whatever).
2.- Create a viewer and a grahpic device for each MFC View, so I will have one context for each 4 rendering views (Because they share geometry).
3.- Create a viewer and a graphic device for each rendering screen(I guess this is the worst).

Thank you very much for your help. If starts are bad, then it is too late...

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Look at how MFC MDI samples shipped with Open CASCADE are made. They implement one-to-one relationship between a document and AIS_InteractiveContext. AIS_IC contains one V3d_Viewer (+1 viewer for collector). Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice is used only once when creating a V3d_Viewer.
That's a typical approach used for creating OCC-based MDI apps.

Hope this helps.

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Ok, I've checked into the MFC samples and I find there are defined by Document.

Problem is that each document has only a viewer, so I cannot get a conclusion.

The best reason to make a decission is to know what those objects are using for, because it could be a very cheapest method for me to not to spend memory.


P.D. Interesting blog, Roman.

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I answer to me to fix my errors.

Handle(Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice) is created by the App class, so one instance per program.

Handle(V3d_Viewer) is created by the Doc class. In my case, and only because I am sharing geometry between different rendering CWnd for each document, I will get the same, a unique V3d_Viewer for each Doc.


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Hi, Roman,

Is there any way to control "AIS2D_InteractiveContext" or V2d_view to dispay different graphics in two split views?

I want to dispaly a complicated graphics from one view to two split views (top & bottom) in a childframe. I want to display a block diagram in the top view, and then when clicking some block in the top view, the detail about the block would be displayed in the bottom view. AIS2D_InteractiveContext is used for the display.

My problem is at each time, both of the views display the same graphics. The two view use the same class for I want to use the same displaye methods for them.

Thanks a lot!


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