rgb triplets??)

What does colors mean? (rgb triplets??)
ain't there three separate values ( from 0 to 1) for Red,Green,Blue? how come there is only one value float? is there anyway to merge them?

TK_Status SetVertexFaceColors( float const *colors=0 ) alter;
/*!Allocates the vertex colors (as applied to edges), and fills with values and sets the flags in mp_exists.
Allocated to a length of mp_pointcount, regardless of the number of values that are intended to be specified.
\param colors can be null, in which case colors are left untouched (assumed to be specified at a later
point. Normally, however, "colors" should refer to the rgb triplets for the
values of the vertex colors. These values will be copied, and the appropriate bits in mp_exists will
be updated.

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Note, it is a pointer to float. This indicates that it is an array of floats.

N. Sharjith