Rtk.dll not found in Demo(NT)

When I run Demo.bat (DrawResources) I get the error message Library Rtk.dll cannot be found. The file does not appear to exist on my machine. Does anyone know where I can get it from. I have installed java and tcl.

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After upgrade to prrliminary release stage 3, DrawResources (Test Harness) try to find Rtk.dll. The file does not exist in stage 2 and stage 3. Where can I get the Rtk.dll ?

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I have just been informed that rtk.dll has been inserted by mistake in the wrong ZIP file. To find rtk.dll, please extract rtk.dll from the draw module. This problem will be corrected soon.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Regis Le Boite

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I found Rtk.dll from the Release version of Draw module, Windows_NTDraw-3.0PR3.zip, but this file is not included in Debug version, Windows_NTDraw-3.0PR3-deb.zip.

Thank you.

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Rtk.dll is library from WOK. WOK is not published jet. It will published for WNT platform at 20th March.