run MFC+OCC6.3 on another computer

Hello all,

I have built and compiled a program using MFC(vc8) and opencascade 6.3, but can not run it on a computer that has not opencascade on it. The packing method written in the FAQ is not useful.

Apart from installing opencascade on every computer, how else can I run the .exe on a computer without opencascade6.3?


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Hi h_z_feng,
You may check your Program with Dependency Walker (or check properties of the project file)to identify referred libraries of Open CasCade. After that put only these libraries on your computer.
Also you may put Open CasCade on a server (if you are using this feature).

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Thanks all.

Hi,Roman Lygin:

The link is not available now, whether you have another advice?Thanks.

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The seems to be censored in China.
See the post attached.