Run OpenCascade Application on other Machine

Hi there. I've jus build a small Aplication using Opencascade. Everything runs finde on the Machine where I build the Application. But even when I copy the Application including ALL DLL-Files from Opencascade into the same Directory on another machine, the Application crashs when I try to start it.....

IS it possible to run Application, built with OCC on other Machines without having to install the complete OCC Framework on that machine?


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depend.exe from MSVC will help you to know which dll is missing for running your application.

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If a DLL is missing the application does not crash, it displays a message about the missing DLL and shuts down, so in that case you will know what DLL is missing.

When you run your application in Visual Studio you get a list of all DLL's that are loaded in the output window.

If it crashes it is beacuse of another reason, I have not run any OCC app on another machine for a long time, but in the past I had to mess around with the environment variables to get my applications to run.

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Hi there. Thanks so far for your comments. Yesterday I tried to run the Application again, having OCC installed on that machine....guess still crashes.
As you said, I was wondering why the Application crashes without showing any message about missing DLLs. Maybe the thing is that i compiled the Application with the currently released Visual Studio 2008. Wouldn't suprise me, if Microsoft has some built in Bugs ;)

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Did you install MSVC 8.0 on that machine? If no, then you need to install REDIST package.

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you need to set some environemnt variables to be able to run OCC correctly


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