Salome 5.1.2 on Windows

In case you've not been following the Salome site, Erwin Adam has released a set of Windows binaries of Salome 5.1.2 for evaluation and testing. More info at

I'll be taking a download tonight!


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Great job! I have installed it, GEOM module works fine!

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Dear Memscad,

Can you share the link to download it, maybe its already here, but I couldn't find it..

Thanking you in advance,

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Hi memscad,

For your information, Fotis has updated his SalomeGeom project ( to the latest Salome release. If you only need the GEOM part of Salome, then you might have a look to this project. Just update to the latest revision of the svn trunk ( It compiles perfectly on Windows with MSVC 2003 or higher. This project his currently being wrapped in python and integrated in the pythonocc library (

Best Regards,


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Thank you! But it seems that salomegeometry project has not update to salome 5.1.2, isn't it?

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This work is not released yet but the subversion trunk is up to date with the latest Salome version.