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Hi! I've downloaded the OpenCascade-Files and any WindowsNT-Samples, even the NT-Wizards ( Do anyone know something of these Wizards? what kind of wizards are them? Thanks and regards Martin

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Hello Martin.

These wizards are done to create skeleton of an MFC ( Microsoft Foundation Classes ) Application with VisualC++.

You only need to copy the *.awx files in C:\Program files\VisualStudio\Common\MSDev98\Template

After that, restart VisualC++ and select File\New in the Projects thumbnail , you will find 2 Cascade projects ( 1 for draw , 1 for 3d viewer) .

Select what you want. click OK. Follow the steps .

After that, you will only need to recompile , and it should run.

HTH Stephane

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Hello Stephane,

I develop my project from an existing example of the CD, but now I would like to start from scratch (with a 3d Viewer Cascade project). I suppose that the*.awx could help me to solve my problem, the problem is that I couldn't find files like this.... Can you please tell me where it is ? I've got a CDrom which setup automatically the environment on NT, SUN.... But lookin at the files and at the CD, no *.awx files exists...

Thank you very much,


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I had the same problem. The ones that came on the CD were damaged. In the online FAQ I found a vague refrence that lead me to a download where I found them.

Jeff Moss