Sample\MFC exe files cannot be run from windows explorer

Following the previous thread (, i was able to compile the Sample\MFC projects.
It goes well after following the fix in previous thread.

The issue is that executables (.exe files)(all of them) cannot be independent run from windows explorer or terminal (drawing canvas does not start). It can be started from within the visual studio environment though. When exe are started from terminal or windows explorer, it started with a dialogue part of the application but not able to load the drawing canvas. After a while, the program stops without any error.

Visual studio 2019 vs142 is used with downloaded pre-compiled OpenCascade-7.4.0. (64 bit version).

What could be the possible reason for that?

Sorry! Just found out that newly made exe files can be run. Solved!

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Sorry! after the fix, the new exe files can be run. Just mistaken with the files that comes with download which cannot run.

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Sorry, the new files can run outside of VS 2019 env. Mistaken with the exe that come with download which cannot run.

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drawing canvas does not start

What do you mean by this?
Does it work when started using "run.bat" script?
Have you manually copied OCCT libraries and other dependencies or used some INSTALL building target?