Sampleocaf Error?

Hello, all.

I compiled and linked sampleocaf example in win98. But it failed to create exe file.

The error message is following.

================================================= Debug Assertion Failed!

Program:sampleocaf.exe File: afxwin2.inl Line:140

04x!:5f481eea's module MFC42D.DLL error SAMPLEOCAF exception 03H. Registers: EAX=00000001 CS=0167 EIP=5f481eea EFLGS=00000202 EBX=ffffffff SS=016f ESP=0258f66c EBP=0258f67c ECX=10261558 DS=016f ESI=02bd4420 FS=3957 EDX=800085a8 ES=016f EDI=02bd3380 GS=0000 BCS:EIP: 33 d2 85 d2 75 d5 8b 45 fc 8b 48 20 51 ff 15 c0 Stack dump: 02bd3380 02bd4420 ffffffff 0043eb1c 02bd4478 0040381a 02bd3380 0043ea48 0258f6f4 0258f6a8 02bd4420 00000068 00000004 00000000 0258f6b8 004201ef

Could you tell me the way to fix this error?

Thanks in advance.

With regards, James.

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If your problem still occur, read my last mail in the forum in which i explain how i solved the problem.


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I'm having the same problem. When I compiled and linked my aplication the error message is the following :
Debug Assertion Failed!
File : afxwin2.inl
Line : 140
I did'nt found the answer of Etinne Cocquebert send. Can you tell me how can I fixed.