Samples Inst Pb on Solaris 2.6

Hi everyone ,

When installing SunOSSamples for SUNOS 5.6 Solaris 2.6 on ULTRA1 I've got stuck after many patchings required durind setup (, and preqs..) with the message : Unable to extract this archive. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/ /usr/j2se/jre/bin/../bin/sparc/native_threads/java: fatal : : echec de l'ouverture : Ce fichier ou ce repertoire n'existe pas.

In other words is missing ( No such file or directory ) Then I went to to get some information about, Surprisingly I red that is only designed for Solaris 7 & 8 ; when you state in your Web Page that OpenCascade runs on Sun platforms with Solaris 2.6

Did I do anything wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Mohamed Kalai :

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Actually I used the package JAVA2 SDK 1.3 instead of 1.2.2. Running pkgrm on SDK 1.3 and pkgadd 1.2.2 solve the prob of