off-screen rendering using GLXPbuffer or GLXPixmap

Dear all,
I am looking for information about the required steps to render OpenCASCADE scenes off-screen without opening a window. I found two topics about off-screen rendering:
but both require a window before getting the Viewer pixel values.

In principle it should be easy to render to a GLXContext created from a GLXPbuffer or from a GLXPixmap instead of a GLXWindow. Unfortunately the OpenCASCADE class dependencies are too complex so that I am not able to find the relevant pieces of code where to apply the necessary changes.

Has anybody tried something similar and would you provide some help to get me started?

The background is to create animations of a CAD parts database in a nightly batch process.

Best wishes

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I know this thread is a bit old. But I have the same issue now, and
I´m very interested to know if it is possible to render offscreen without
a window.
Or is it perhaps not possible, and one should use another renderer?

Would be great, if you could post any tips!