Segfault error in new Graphic3d_GraphicDevice( aDisplay )


I'm working in Fedora14 64b with Qt4 and opencascade 6.3 from repository

I compiled the Qt sample application but then when executing the new command I get a segmentation fault error.
The error is produced when executing "new Graphic3d_GraphicDevice( aDisplay )" in "DocumentCommon.cxx", I tried also compiling the version QtOpenCascade from but I get the same error.

Even though fedora is not supported by opencascade if any body has an idea or comment it would be great.

Thank you

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Hi Pete,

I tried adding the two variables listed on the thread but I keep on getting the same error.

Any other ideas?


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I assume you then re-ran qmake.

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Also, have you checked that the Enviroment variables are correct