Segmentation Fault bug when tessellating

I imported an AP214 step file using the STEPCAFControl_Reader and transferred it to CAF ,

I then tried to tessellate it using the Watson algorithm and had a segmentation .

My implementation works fine completely fine with the other documents .

I can't share the STEP file for now because it's a legacy one .
I'm wondering if there is anyone of you who encountered the same tessellation problem before .

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Tessellation problem can be narrowed to a shape consisting of a few faces. This can be done in a draw test harness session. Such shape can have no confidentiality issue, so that you can report a bug in the bugtracker.

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any idea on how i can log the text while tessellating ?
i'm i obliged to update the library itself ?

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What do you mean by "how i can log the text while tessellating ?"?
What exactly you would like to log?

To localize the shape, you could explore the shape into TopoDS_Face at application level, iterate over the list, execute BRepMesh per Face and determine on which algorithm fails and dump it using BRepTools::Write() or BinTools::Write().

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I tried to do what you pointed out but found out that my memory was is overloaded when i execute my implementation ,
Here is a gist of my debugger snippet :

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WatsonAlgorithm.ChangeParameters().Deflection = StdPrs_ToolTriangulatedShape::GetDeflection (FixedCompound, FixedDrawer);

If this is a working sample, than you are passing an empty compound here.