Selecting a Point Cloud vertex

I created a class similar to User_Cylinder called User_Point. This class helps to store and display Point Cloud vertices in a fast way. The method was described in one of the earlier post in this forum, which is to use,

Handle(Graphic3d_Structure) theStructure = Handle(Graphic3d_Structure)::DownCast(aPresentation);
Handle(Graphic3d_Group) theGroup= new Graphic3d_Group(theStructure);
Handle(Prs3d_AspectMarker3d) asp;
asp = myDrawer->PointAspect();
Graphic3d_Array1OfVertex& theArray = GetVertices(); //your points

But I want to allow the user to select these point and has been looking at StdSelect classes.

As these point clouds are not part of TopoDS classes, but merely coordinates which I inserted into the display, the existing selection tools doesn't allow me to select a point and highlight it?

Anybody can help?

P/S: In ACIS, I created a new tool called SelectTool which returns a screen coordinate (X,Y) when I click on the view. (X,Y) is transformed to (x,y,z) by using a position mapping function provided by the display context. Next, I use this coordinate to search for the nearest point cloud and highlight it.

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have you looked for "ComputeSelection(const Handle(SelectMgr_Selection)& aSelection, const Standard_Integer aMode)" in your AIS class?



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Yes, I did.

ComputeSelection(...) is the location where StdSelect_BRep*** functions are called.

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So have you tried inserting your vertices as Select3D_SensitivePoint? I think it should give you the right result...


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Will try it out.
How's the performance of the system, when a couple of million points are inserted?


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Hi I'm interested by your User_Point class. I'm trying to do one but I'm still a newbie in OpenCascade and I need to display more than 100 000 points. I would be very glad if you could please send me your User_Point class.
Thank you very much !