Selection in Perspective View

It seems to be that the selection does not work in perspective view. I think it is impossible and I made something wrong. Can somebody help me?

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Dear Csaba,

I have the same problem, you have not done anything wrong. This is a bug of OCC.
Not only selection does not work correctly in perspective views, the hidden line representation is also incorrect.


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Dear friend,
I think it is not really the bug of OCC but of the core graphics library OpenGL. I have been writing pure OpenGL programs and have come across the same trouble.

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Dear Nair,
I'm not sure about selection, but I had problems in hidden line representation of objects in perspective views and the technical support of OCC confirmed that this is a bug and I think the root of both problems is the same.

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Hi Mehdi,

It happens the same to me, the selection and the hidden lines doesn't work well in perspective view. I was looking for this possible bug in and there aren't report any bug about prespective view.

Does anybody know something about?


Marcel Janer
TDS developer

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Hi !

There no such bug in OpenGL, unless you have have a crappy driver (I have never seen any one with such a bug though), or you made a mistake in your code.