Serialization of TopoDs_Shape

Dear all,

We develop a 3D software linked to OCC v6.9 and we would like to use the v7.1 last release now.

We notice a big gap for the serialize issue between the two versions :

In the v6.9, we could directly serialize a TopoDs_Shape in a binary file just like that :

Writing method :

void CBRepGeometry::Store(CArchiveWriter& pWriter) const
    FSD_Archive             lOccAr      = FSD_Archive(&pWriter) ;
    Handle_ShapeSchema      occSchema   = BuildOcc<ShapeSchema>() ;
    Handle_Storage_Data     d           = BuildOcc<Storage_Data>() ;
    PTColStd_TransientPersistentMap aMap ;
    Handle_PTopoDS_HShape   aPShape     = MgtBRep::Translate(this->mShape, aMap, MgtBRep_WithoutTriangle) ;

    d->AddRoot("", aPShape) ;
    occSchema->Write(lOccAr, d) ;


Reading method :

void CBRepGeometry::Load(CArchiveReader& pReader)
    Handle_ShapeSchema          occSchema   = BuildOcc<ShapeSchema>() ;
    FSD_Archive                 ar          = FSD_Archive(&pReader) ;
    Handle_Storage_Data         d           = occSchema->Read(ar) ;
    Handle_Storage_HSeqOfRoot   roots       = d->Roots() ;
    Handle_Storage_Root         r           = roots->Value(1) ;
    Handle_Standard_Persistent  p           = r->Object() ;
    Handle_PTopoDS_HShape       aPShape     = Handle_PTopoDS_HShape::DownCast(p) ;

    // Create the shape
    PTColStd_PersistentTransientMap aMap ;

    MgtBRep::Translate(aPShape, aMap, this->mShape, MgtBRep_WithoutTriangle) ;

    this->SetShape(this->mShape) ;


These OCC objects do not exist anymore in OCC 7.1.

So please how is supported the retro-compatibility ?

And what is the current mecanism to do the job ?

I cannot find such an information in the OCC documentation.


Thanks in advance,


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Dear Jean-Charles,

You can refer to the section " Removal of legacy persistence" in Upgrade Guide:

Please do not hesitate to communicate via our Contact Form for providing more information about our expertise, support and solutions and needs of your projects.

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