Set of Curves to NURBS?

Is there a possibility to convert set of Curves to NURBS in Opencascade!

Any hint?


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Hi,Game. You want to convert set of Curves to NURBS one by one or merge them together?
Try GeomConvert::CurveToBSplineCurve(Curve)// curve is Geom_Curve

hope this will help you

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Dear SunHongLei,

Thank you for the information, i look up in documentation and GeomConvert::CurveToBSplineCurve(Curve) is used to approximate 3D curve to a 3D BSpline. Well, thank you for the information but my question was, how to get BSpline Surface from a set of curves (BSpline or any 3D curves) ?

Do you have any idea?

Any info would be appreciated!



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you can make a wire use BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire and then make a face use BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace
and then transfer it to BSpline Surface use BrepTool::Surface

Hope this will help