Set name for STEP export ?


thanks to some help by you I could successfully create the geometry and
save to a STEP file. How could I set a name to the Product or add other
things like a relase status, modifcation date etc. ? I know how to do this
in STEP, but don't know how to do this using OpenCascade.

Thanks, Carsten

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Hi Carsten,

I never ha to do it (yet) but the topic has been dicussed earlier:

Cheers, Torsten

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I used the following code to set the id to the product

// See
Interface_Static::SetCVal("", (Standard_CString) plateId.c_str());
IFSelect_ReturnStatus status = aWriter.Transfer( shape, selection);

But the STEP file contains an additional space and 1 character:

#7 = PRODUCT('GH-JUMBO-STR9100-1P 1','GH-JUMBO-STR9100-1P 1','',(#8));

instead of "GH-JUMBO-STR9100-1P". How to avoid this ?

Thanks, Carsten