SetApproxParameters procedure of BRepAlgo_BooleanOperations

I'm searching for information about SetApproxParameters procedure (void SetApproxParameters(const Standard_Integer NbPntMax,const Standard_Real Tol3D,const Standard_Real Tol2D,const Standard_Boolean RelativeTol)) of BRepAlgo_BooleanOperations, because I want tu use the Common function in a contact identification program and actually the tolerancies are too low. For example if two plane overlap and are at a distance one of the other of epsilon, the epsilon max for having a result returned by the Common function is approximately 1e-7, and what I want is 1e-3. I tried something like :
BRepAlgo_BooleanOperations BRepA_BO;
BRepA_BO.Shapes(Shape1, Shape2);
BRepA_BO.SetApproxParameters(0, 1e-3, 1e-3, Standard_True);
TopoDS_Shape result = BRepA_BO.Common();


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I read a little the source file of BRepAlgo_BooleanOperations and see that in the creation there are those values for initialisation of Approx :

myApproxNbPntMax (30) ,
myApproxTol3D (1.e-7) ,
myApproxTol2D (1.e-7) ,
myApproxRelativeTol (Standard_True)

So I tried :

BRepA_BO.SetApproxParameters(30, 1e-3, 1e-3, Standard_True);

But I still didn't have any result.