Setting environment variables for using XDE

According to the user's guide, to use XDE, it has to set the two important environment variables as follows:
• CSF_PluginDefaults points to sources of %CASROOT%/src/XCAFResources ($CASROOT/src/XCAFResources).
• CSF_XCAFDefaults points to sources of %CASROOT%/src/XCAFResources ($CASROOT/src/XCAFResources).

My problem is :
I cannot find "XCAFResources" under the "src" directory.

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Hi Chris,

It must be a bug in documentation then. By default they point to %CASROOT%\src\StdResource. See env.bat located in %CASROOT%\..
set CSF_PluginDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\StdResource
set CSF_XCAFDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\StdResource

If you use XDE in your own app, just copy the Plugin and XCAF files therefrom and redefine these vars according to your environment. These files are used by Resource_Manager (see its documentation on resource file and env vars naming convention)


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Thanks a lot.