Setting up for the first time

Hi all,

This is Sahaj. I am new to Open CASCADE and want to try it out. I know basics of C++. Although, I am an experienced person in CAD using CATIA.

I just installed Visual Studio Express 2015 for PC in Win7_x64 SP1.

Also, I got a .rar which included OCC in it. It contained some folders. Please refer to the attachment.

I want to build some geometry now and view them in OCC. What are my approaches here?

How do I set-up my VC++ for OCC? Know that I just have installed VC++ out of the box.

Kindly help.



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Dear Sahaj,

As usual please start from reading documentation including Developer Guides, “Building with MS Visual C++”, “Getting Started” with samples and “Tutorial”.

You can also communicate us via Contact Form to exchange information about general context and specific needs of your company projects and our services.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I read those documents and now trying to build a solution. I have OCC 6.3.1

What I am trying to do is go through this tutorial...

It shows me an error that it cannot open file TKernel.lib.

Any idea?



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I have OCC 6.3.1

Is there some specific reason why you are trying to build obsolete 8-years old OCCT release?
I don't think you will have any luck with Visual Studio 2015 + OCCT 6.3.1 combination.

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Thanks Kirill for the reply.

Two things:

1. I guess you are right, I need to find me the latest version.

2. More importantly, OCC 6.3.1 is the version I need to work as it is on what my project is going to be.

But anyway, could you recommend any solution to the problem I mentioned? Or should I try any other version combinations?