setting for WOK ?

I downloaded and installed WOK-K4-5 for all platform. In the subdirectory I found lib/wnt/woksh.exe & lib/wnt/wokprocess.exe but when I couldn't execute it.

"Error : Symbol WOK_SESSIONID is not setted" how should I set WOK_SESSIONID ?

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In order to use wok, you need first to run tclsh (you the need to have tcl installed) and next you should run woksh.

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Woksh is an executable that already embeded tcl. You must define an env variable named WOK_SESSIONID that contains a path where the parameters of your session will be saved. For WOK, you have more than one variable to set:

WOKHOME : the path of your wok install WOK_LIBRARY: path of the tcl extension WOK_ROOTADMINDIR: path where the configuration files are (edl and others). WOK_LIBPATH: path where are located the platform dependent library (dll or so) used by WOK

you must have the Expect extension for tcl (compiled with tcl7.6, like woksh.exe, if you are on NT) and TclX.

Try this, may be this will help you...