Sew vertices


is there a function equivalent to BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing that allows to merge conincident vertices of several faces without BO (Fuse)? E.g. for two boxes touching at a corner. I tested Sewing of the boxes with non-manifold setting, which works if they touch in an edge, but it does not work for vertex connection.


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You can use BO with gluing option. It will exclude VERTEX/FACE, EDGE/FACE and FACE/FACE intersections. See Documentation.

Draw example:

box a 1 1 1
box b 1 1 1 1 1 1
bglue 2
bfuse r a b

The result has 2 solids with 15 vertices.

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Thank you for your advice!

I understood it to mean that BOPAlgo_GlueFull will do VV and VE operation and therefore merging vertices but also coincident edges, correct? I can skip sewing then, can't I?

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Apparently yes. Try and see.