SEWING: unable to transform a compound into a SH


see attached iges file.
It contains faces. The maximum gap that I can measure is 0.01825 mm.

I tried to sew it using Draw and I got an ACCES VIOLATION

here is what I did
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igesread c:/temp/8_hole.igs 8h *
sewing 8hS 0.019 8h

I used 0.019 tol because I wanted to get a SH object without "holes" (I am assuming that OCC is just relaxing the tolerance locally)




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Hi Davide,
One of the sub-shapes is invalid:
Draw[27]> checkshape s
On Shape faulty_1 : BRepCheck_UnorientableShape
Shape faulty_2 on shape faulty_1 : BRepCheck_NoCurveOnSurface Faulty shapes in variables faulty_1 to faulty_2

Fix it first and after make sewing.

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many thanks! it works fine now

I didn't know that I had to fix the orientations to the normals before running the "sewing"