Shading in MDI


Would somebody help me to solve a problem connected with objects shading?

- Run sample MDI OC application (Examples\09_SampleImportExport), - Open document with imported object (e.g. Data\Bearing.igs), - Close all windows of this document, - Open the same or other document with imported object (e.g. Data\Hammer.igs), - Select loaded object, - Set the shading mode for it, - Open the next window of current document, - Result: Object in new window is invisble.

Did anybody meet this behaviour too? Have you any tips how to solve it?

Best regards, Adrian

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I ran into that problem as well. I reported it to Matra as a bug. I discovered it in our application, but you can reproduce the problem with their sample programs, SampleViewer3d and SampleImportExport (and others??).

It is related to the first document. If you close the first document, than documents opened after that will only display shading in one (the last?) view (wireframe is okay). If you don't close the first document (you can close the 2nd, 3rd, ...) all seems okay.

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This seems to be fixed in Version 4.0, which I installed last week.