Shape, TShape and Faces


Still making my STEP converter, I now have a single TopoDS_Shape for my model.

I would like to run its TopoDS_TShape with their location/orientation to built my scenegraph while running the Shapes.

So I did :

- Mesh the Shape
- get the Tshape for the Shape
- swith the Tshape type and when it is Face, run into triangulation to make my geometry.

But the problem is a Tshape is a list of Shape... so how can I run into the list ?

My goal is to run the STEP file, and rebuild in memory my own scenegraph data structure. For that I need the vertices, the normal, the hierarchy, ...



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Hi Vincent,

To explore the children of a shape use TopExp_Explorer or TopoDS_Iterator. See the Modeling Data User's Guide and check this post on my blog.

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