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We, InnoAppTech, are pleased to announce the release of a new shape modeling software component called ShapeSpawner(r). This component allows you to create "base features", e.g. freestanding extrusions, sweeps, skins, cylinders, etc, that are parametric and which you can manipulate using "handles". In particular, you can model surfaces and solids, and even join solids; surfaces; or solids and surfaces at common elements (vertices, edges, faces) non-destructively; you can also edit shape by dragging topological vertices as well!

Basically, ShapeSpawner integrates a sketch into the resulting shape. This means a 2D sketch is evolved into 3D as the user constructs shapes; capturing shape semantics in the process; identifying mandatory constraints, etc. Later, when you edit shape, ShapeSpawner uses the semantics so-captured (not modeling history) to reason about the intended behaviour of the sketch elements when you edit the shape. Importantly, you manipulate shape in full 3D and you see the result on the screen without the need to roll back to 2D sketch to edit points, as in traditional history-based parametric modellers. You can embed ShapeSpawner into your software very easily as a dynamic or static library.

As an example, ShapeSpawner has been used to drive OpenCASCADE(r) to build topological shapes. Please check out the sample application "ShapeSpawnerSample" on our website video: here OCC is issued commands to create the base feature for demonstration purposes. It is then manipulated. Notice that whereas during manipulation, geometric kernels continuously create and destroy topological element pointers, ShapeSpawner's elements (see the points and curves, for example) persist! ShapeSpawner can be used to drive other geometry or analysis kernels as well!
If this component is something you think could be useful, please contact us through our website for more information. We thank you in advance.

InnoAppTech Team

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I had a look at the screencast from your website. It strongly looks like SpaceClaim, which I used to work with a couple of years ago. I'd really like to know how you differentiate from this product, which is intended to be as simple as possible and affordable for small businesses. Even more simple? Lower cost? Did you introduce any technological breakthrough?

Maybe it's not the right place to discuss this marketing topic, but the OCC community may be interested in knowing how far the OCC kernel can support innovation.

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Dear Thomas,

Thanks for visiting our website, and your questions.

We feel obliged to answer your questions, but as you say, this may not be the right place.

So, please allow us to discuss your questions by writing to:

InnoAppTech Team