ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain works... sometimes

I have been trying to use the ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain class but it appears to be very unstable.


Depending on the parts I am analyzing, sometimes I get the right result, sometimes I get Standard_ConstructionError or Standard_OutOfRange, and when I run in release mode the program enters an infinite loop and the function never builds.

Unfortunately, I cannot (at least not publicly) share my parts files, but maybe someone around there can help me identifying how to use it safely, and I could share some of the failing files privately if someone wants to investigate...

Qr Qr's picture

Which version of OpenCascade do you use? From my experience, on the current development version this tool does not raise any exceptions even being invoked without any special care. Just note, pls, that this tool is very fundamental in OpenCascade, and it is constantly improved from version to version, so try keep yourself updated.

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I am using the latest release (7.0.0), is there a way to get a more recent one?