ShapeViewer and Java

I work under Linux with bash and I would like to see the ShapeViewer.

- I install the Java runtime environment. I have chosen the .netscape folder but i am not sure it is the right place.

- I install the java plug-in in .netscape folder

- When i run the setup.csh issued from the ShapeViewer for Linux compressed filed, i have the following error message:

"Xlib: connection to ":0.0 refused by server

XLib: Client is not authorised to connect to Server

Unable to extract this archive"

Notice that from the setup.csh content, i install the jdk.

Does anyone know what to do to solve this?

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I have just notice i have the same errors regarding the samples...

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In fact, you have to log as a root to your computer.

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Or you can type "xhost +" in your console window.