Solid - Surface intersection?

Hi, all.

I'm trying to find a method that performs solid-surface intersection, but there seems to be nothing like that?

So, does anyone have an idea to do that function?

any idea is welcomed.

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in the above statement, the solid-surface intersection means cutting or spliting a solid by a surface.

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from your surface, you can create a TopoDS_Face and use this face to create an HalfSpace ( Solid ) with BRepBuilderAPI_MakeHalfSpace ).
And compute your boolean operation with your solid and the halfspace.
The problem is that you will need to compute 2 boolean operation to have the left part and the right part with 2 different halfspaces.
Consider sending a bug report to be able to get the both part of the boolean operation in one step. It will save you a lot of time ( in runtime ) because of the low speed of the boolean operations with complex objects.