something wrong with convert a stl file to a jpg/png file.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
OCC: occ 7.0

I write a program to get a jpg/png file from a stl file, compile and run, and it seems everything is OK, But the jpg/png I get can't open by the window 7 's picture view Tool.

My source code is here:

#include <iostream>
#include "TopoDS.hxx"
#include "StlAPI_Reader.hxx"
#include "Standard_Handle.hxx"
#include <GProp_GProps.hxx>
#include <BRepGProp.hxx>
#include <gp_XYZ.hxx>

#include <StlTransfer.hxx>
#include <StlMesh_Mesh.hxx>
#include <BRepBndLib.hxx>
#include <Bnd_Box.hxx>

#include <Aspect_DisplayConnection.hxx>
#include <OpenGl_GraphicDriver.hxx>
#include <V3d_Viewer.hxx>
#include <V3d_View.hxx>
#include <AIS_InteractiveContext.hxx>
#include <AIS_Shape.hxx>
#include <Xw_Window.hxx>
#include <Aspect_Window.hxx>
#include <IGESToBRep_Reader.hxx>
#include <StlAPI_Writer.hxx>

#include <Graphic3d_GraphicDriver.hxx>
#include <BRepPrimAPI_MakeWedge.hxx>

void myJpg2(TopoDS_Shape shape){
    // create a dummy display  connection 
    Handle(Aspect_DisplayConnection)  aDisplayConnection = new Aspect_DisplayConnection(); 
    // create a graphic driver 
    Handle  (Graphic3d_GraphicDriver) aDriver = new OpenGl_GraphicDriver(aDisplayConnection);     
    Handle  (Xw_Window) aWindow =  new Xw_Window (aDisplayConnection,  "My", 0,0,800,600);  
    // set up the window as  virtual 
    aWindow->SetVirtual  (Standard_True);  
    // create a view and an  interactive context 
    Handle  (V3d_Viewer) aViewer =  new V3d_Viewer (aDriver,                                
        Standard_ExtString ("Virtual"));  
    Handle  (AIS_InteractiveContext) aContext = new AIS_InteractiveContext (aViewer);  
    Handle  (V3d_View) aView = aViewer->CreateView ();  
    // assign the virtual window  to the view 
    aView->SetWindow  (aWindow);  
    // display a 3D scene 
    Handle (AIS_Shape) aBox = new AIS_Shape (shape);  
    aContext->Display  (aBox);  aView->FitAll();  
    // dump the 3D scene into an  image file 
    aView->Dump  ("3dscene.png");

int main(){
    TopoDS_Shape shape;
    StlAPI_Reader reader;
    Standard_CString aFileName;
    aFileName = "/root/sxs.stl";



The guide offered by the official has a demo about dump a png file in Os windows, but no demo in Os linux. 

I search google but i got nothing, if any one can help,  tks very very much.

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This is an image in PPM format - OCCT generates image in this format if it has been built without FreeImage support
(see OCCT building instructions how to enable optional FreeImage library).

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Your are right,  tks !!!   And I found the source code bellow.

bool Image_AlienPixMap::Save (const TCollection_AsciiString& theFileName)
  if (myLibImage == NULL)
    return false;
  ...................... There is a lot of code ...........
  const Standard_Integer aLen = theFileName.Length();
  if ((aLen >= 4) && (theFileName.Value (aLen - 3) == '.')
      && strcasecmp( theFileName.ToCString() + aLen - 3, "ppm") == 0 )
    return savePPM (theFileName);
  std::cerr << "Image_PixMap, no image library available! Image saved in PPM format.\n";
  return savePPM (theFileName);