Sorry for offtopic; researching development of EDF's med-fichier

My apologies that this subject is off-topic for the forum, but I thought I might find someone who knows what I'm looking for here.

I maintain several packages for the Debian Science Team including OpenCASCADE and based on your relation to SALOME and EDF, I figured even if nobody here knew directly, they might know someone who does.

I'm trying to improve the state of "med-fichier" packaging, AKA libmed or MED, on Debian & Ubuntu. It would be really nice since there are several downstream softwares in the Debian Science ecosystem which depend on med-fichier.

The former homepage for this software,, no longer exists. I see there is a download available on, but what I would really like is:

(i) a link to a new official homepage if there is one, I couldn't find it
(ii) a place where current development is happening so I can check on things
(iii) a place to submit bugs or improvements, especially with regards to CMake support

Does anyone know answers to any of these three questions, or know someone you could forward these questions to who might know?

Thank you!


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Hello Kurt,

Med library (also known as medfichier) has been developed and maintained by EDF R&D.
Unfortunately, there is no official public web site for this library yet. Mentioned is in fact an internal Intranet site within EDF.
Due to the same reason it is not possible to track current development of med library - its source repository is not open.
Similarly there's no dedicated public bug tracker.

The copyright notice in the source code of med library suggests to report bugs by mail to Also, you may try to report your bugs on the code_aster/salome_meca's forum:

Also, please note that CMake procedure is not supported by EDF R&D, native build procedure is based on GNU autotools.
Files related to CMake build procedure are a contribution from SALOME project. So, we propose to address any issues related to the CMake build procedure to the SALOME team, either via the public community forum ( or by sending a mail to


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Hello Andrey,

Thank you very much for your response!