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After trying to install Open Cascade on Linux without success (on various distributions and using all the tips from the forums) I would like to try to compile it. So far I could not find the current source code. Open Cascade claims to be open source so it should be available somewhere. I did find only an old Debian package but I am looking for either a src.rpm or tar of the latest version.
Can anybody help?

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Well, OCC is open src and all you desire is inside the installation package. So why don't we just try again to install the OCC package on your system. I'll lent a hand. If you could give some details on your system and what kind of errors you encounter, we might overcome these errors.



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OCC is open source to paying customers, every one else has more limited access, you will not get the latest code, only paying customer gets this, but you can get the source code to older versions without the latest bug fixes.

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For a set of tarballs of the latest (released) version, see:

There's a newer Debian package available at and Ubuntu hardy backport repository at: (which will change somewhat later today when opencascade moves to contrib). I know Debian can import RPMs using alien; can RedHat/Fedora import .debs somehow?

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alien can also convert deb to rpm.