source of package MS (meta schema) missing in 6.5.3 ?

Is it correct that the source of package MS (meta schema) is not distrubuted anymore in 6.5.3 ?

It was present in 6.5.2.

We depend on MS for generating customized code for our project.


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Dear Guido,
Package MS is a part of WOK which has been separated from OCCT code starting from OCCT 6.4.0 (see section "Packaging" of corresponding Release Notes).
Since this code has not been changed for years, it can be safely copied from OCCT 6.3.x.
We can also consider a possibility to publish current WOK sources, if we will receive a demand for this.

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Thanks for you quick response.

We have noticed that in some cases the CDL does not correspond (anymore) with the generated code.
For example, in Standard_Transient.cdl the method Hashcode is still present,
while in Standard_Transient class it is not (anymore).

This means our custom code generating process fails...

We are wondering, does OpenCascade (still) use CDL to generate (parts of) the source code ?

Best regards,


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Dear Guido,
Yes, CDL is still used. You can download WOK to rebuild the source code.
WOK binary distribution is available at OCCT Download Center -

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As I already pointed out CDL files are still used to generate headers. However in some cases the generated headers are replaced by manually edited ones, which are necessary in cases when WOK is not able to generate the needed code from CDL. This is the case for Standard_Transient header. Thank you for reporting the problem, we shall fix the relevant CDL. If it is important for your code, you can remove declaration of the HashCode() method from Standard_Transient.cdl to make it consistent with the header file.