Space Warp

I'm trying to convert a program from Acis to Open Cascade. The program uses the Laws and Space Warp features in Acis and I'm hoping there's some similar functionality in Open Cascade.

Space Warp lets you apply a math function to deform a shape. For example, you can wrap a wedge around a cylinder using a sine function to put threads on a screw. Is there anything in Open Cascade that lets you deform a shape with a math function?

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Hello Larry,
Open CASCADE does not support procedural surfaces, except surface of linear extrusion, revolution and offsets. In addition to support of elementary surfaces the other types are approximated with NURBS.
Have a look at a list of subclasses of Geom_Surface, e.g. in Geom.cdl.
Also you might want to check a few surface modeling techniques at my blog, starting with part1 -

CAD Exchanger (the project I founded, does convert ACIS to OCC. Law surfaces and other types (skins, lofts, nets,...) are re-approximated on the fly. You might want to try a free evaluation version to see how your surfaces convert to OCC (by exporting to .brep).

Good luck!

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Thanks Roman,

I will take a look at CAD Exchanger.