Sphere representation problem


I want to use openCascade to export 3D scenes in STEP and IGES formats.
One of my base item is a sphere but it makes a runtime error when i try to export one.
My base object representation is an array of vertices, 3 following vertices are a face, the next 3 too etc.
I convert it in a list of TopoDS_Vertices, then TopoDS_Edge, then TopoDS_Wire, and finally in TopoDS_Face.
All of them are in a TopoDS_Compound.
I have no problem to export boxes, cylinders and cones but trying to export a sphere makes an error.

I have seen a few topics which explain the same issue but no solutions to solve it.
Is there a solution at this problem?

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My problem come from the fact that an Edge whose vertices are the same can't be created.

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Show part of the code that don't working for the sample. Because I can't have any problem with next.