Spiral, screw and so on

Does anybody knows how to create, for example, spiral or screw? I can't find way to do it. Thanks for your help!

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Hello Anna;

It's possible to build a spiral with cascade. It's not difficult but it needs a good knowledge of the geometry and the topology in OCC. the principle is to build a line (L) 2d which describes the evolution of the Hight and the angle from the parameter of the line (w). x = H = Lx(w) , y = teta = Ly(w) We place this curve 2d in the parametric space of a cylinder. v = H; u = teta. we build the curve on surface defined by the line2d and the cylinder . C(w) = Cy(teta(w),H(w)); where Cy is the parametric equation of the cylinder.

the curve is now defined, after we make edge, face. and we can build the 3d definition of the curve.



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Thank you, Yves! I'll try that way. You've help me very much!

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Its been long time .. were u able to create a spiral (2d curve)
and helical curve ( as described above)
thanks for the answer in advance

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I would also be interested in some hints.

Best regards