split a face at constant parameter value

Hi all:
I'll go straight to the point...

Could anybody guide me on how to split a face (general 3-d shape) at constant paramter value (u or v) ?

For example, I'd like to split a cylinder at half the span in the periodic direction, to get 2 half-cylinders. Actually, i'd like to split anything that's periodic.

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I know you can put a seam edge on a periodic face using BOPTools_Tools3D::DoSplitSEAMonFace() in the BOPTools package.
How would you go about putting a 2nd seam mid-way in the u direction if you have a cylinder that's periodic in the u direction ?
If not possible or not reliable, could you let me know ?

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Have a look at the package ShapeUpgrade

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Hi Ugo,
Quick clue for you ("straight to the point").

See how ShapeUpgrade classes do this. For instance _ShapeDivideAngle. You might need to subclass some classes to define your split policy and the generic algorithm will do the work for you.

Hope this helps.