split surface Geom_Surface - multiple approaches

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to split surfaces by curves and get a resulting surface. I need this surface (Geom_BsplineSurface) to extract geometric parameters like the knot vectors and control polygon. I approached this in different ways but never with a satisfying result. I present you the approaches I took and show you how I implemented them. Additionally I attached a file with examples for all my approaches.

--- What I tried:

1. Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface only trims by U,V. I want an arbitrary cutting edge so this is not a solution for me.

2. GEOMAlgo_Splitter does not work with my compiled OCE-12 and pythonOCC master (also tried 0.6-dev, 0.6-beta, 0.6-alpha with OCE-11). I always receive a segmentation fault when executing Perform(). Maybe I'm not using the splitter correctly.
I also tried to implement the GEOMAlgo_Splitter in c++ but had the problem that the algorithm got stuck. I added a cpp file with a GEOMAlgo_Splitter example in the next post which gets stuck for me. I looked into the sources in geom- I followed the execution trail and found, that the execution gets stuck at PaveFiller from NMTTools_PaveFiller. It seems that not all necessary methods/functions like PreparePaveBlocks are defined. In geom- there are multiple NMTTools_PaveFiller_*.cpp files and some of them have the necessary methods/function. I'm by far no expert in C++ - how this makes sense is beyond my knowledge...

3. BRepAlgoAPI_Section - creates intersections between shapes. Works great but I do not want an intersecting curve but a split surface.

4. BRepAlgoAPI_Cut - also creates intersections even when set to Operation(cut)

5. BRepFeat_SplitShape works great as I can split my original shape (created from the surface) into sub shapes via a projected curve(edge). My problem here is to convert the resulting shapes to Geom_Surface. Conversion results in surfaces that are the same as the original surfaces.

My main question is:
How can I get surfaces from the resulting shapes?

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--- following short detail of example code - python
see the attached file for a working example including geometry generation pythonOCC

# ###### GEOMAlgo_Splitter

aFace_orig = makeFace(handle_sweptSurface_trimmed_bsplinesurf)
aFace_cutter = makeFace(handle_sweptSurface_cutter_trimmed_bsplinesurf)

# instantiate the Splitter
splitter_Algo = GEOMAlgo_Splitter()
# add the shape to be split
# add the shape that works as a cutter
# run splitter
splitter_Algo.Perform() # segmentation fault here

# resulting shape
result_shape = splitter_Algo.Shape()

# ###### BRepAlgoAPI_Cut

aFace_orig = makeFace(handle_sweptSurface_trimmed_bsplinesurf)
aFace_cutter = makeFace(handle_sweptSurface_cutter_trimmed_bsplinesurf)

# instantiate the cutter
cutter = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(aFace_orig,aFace_cutter)
# generate results
# get the result
ResultShape = cutter.Shape()

--> does not result in splitted shapes

# ###### BRepFeat_SplitShape

# instantiate the splitter and add the cutter
splitter = BRepFeat_SplitShape(aFace_orig)
# build result
# iterator for the result objects
iter = TopTools_ListOfShape()
# get the results
shape = iter.First()
shape_other_edge = iter.Last()

# convert a shape to a face
face_shape_other_edge = TopoDS.face(shape_other_edge) # # generate a surface from the shape
surf = BRep_Tool.Surface(face_shape_other_edge) #

--> does not result in a splitted surface

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attached here is the c++ code file that gets stuck for me at Perform() of GEOMAlgo_Splitter.

--- following short detail of example code - c++

TopoDS_Face aFace_orig = makeFace(sweptSurface_trimmed_bsplinesurf);
TopoDS_Face aFace_cutter = makeFace(handle_sweptSurface_cutter_trimmed_bsplinesurf);

GEOMAlgo_Splitter splitter_Algo;
cout << "--before Perform() <-- getting stuck here" << endl;
cout << "--after Perform()" << endl;

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If you split with a free-form edge (e.g. a circle or a NURBS curve) you cannot have Geom_Surface's as a result; TopoDS_Face's are neeed.
I use BRepFeat_SplitShape.

Only if you trim along an isoparametric curve, you can build Geom_Surface's (usually a Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface).


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Hi Mauro!

thank you for your reply! So this split is only registered on the topological level with the trimming edge? Trimming with an isoparametric curve would result in a trimm along a costant U or V value, wouldn't it? Like with the standard Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface where one inidcates the U and V limits?

Is there any other way to construct a Geom_Surface from a splitted face? Or is there an option to trim a Geom_Surface directly with an arbitrary curve?

I have seen the approach to make a face with a surface and a wire via

faceMaker = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(bsplinesurf,wire)
builtFace = faceMaker.Face()

which does not show a result for me. Reconstructing the surface to a face shows the orignal geoemtry.

I also tried to reconstruct a splitted surface via the edges of the original face and the splitted edge. I convert the edges to trimmed curves and create a surface with GeomFill_BSplineCurves(). However as there is no tangency information the fill style (e.g. GeomFill_StretchStyle, GeomFill_CurvedStyle) fills the surface in a way that it is not congruent with the original surface. The sub surfaces are bulged to the inside or to the outside.
Is there a way to fit the resulting surface to the orginal surface - reducing the bulge to fit the shape of the original?

Best regards

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Dear all,

I am currently using the method  Brepfeatsplitshape to split a face into multiple faces. However problem is I am getting only one face after splitting which is quite weird. For the cutting line, I am trying to take a portion of one of the border edges, while the remaining ones are inside the face. Does anyone have any idea about it?

I am also trying to use Geomalgo_splitter via OCC 0.18  but it seems some methods are not working.

Warm regards,