Splitting operation


We are glad to inform you that the next version of the Open CASCADE will feature the long-expected algorithm for splitting the shapes - Splitter algorithm. The algorithm is very useful when you need to split the group of shapes (Objects) by the other group of shapes (Tools). The algorithm will intersect and split all input shapes, but only the split parts of the shapes from the first group will be added into the result.

Note, that:

- The input shapes in both groups can be of any type;
- Each input shape should not be self-interfered;
- The shapes can be split by the other shapes included into the same group in case they are interfering.

Splitter is a General Fuse based algorithm (see General Fuse algorithm description for more details). Thus, all the options of the General Fuse such as parallel processing mode, fuzzy mode, safe processing mode, glueing mode and history support are also available in the Splitter algorithm.

All the details on the usage of the new algorithm and its implementation you can find in the Open CASCADE Technology on-line documentation by following the link - Splitter algorithm description.

Koichiro Hayashi's picture

If Objects is collection type (Shell, Wire), We need to sew split shapes, excluding split positions.

In the case of the above figure, we will make six Shells.

Are there plans to implement functions that get split Shells or Wires?
My program is slow, so I'm happy if there is a function in OCCT.

Mikhail Sazonov's picture

Dear Hayashi,

There is no such plan. But this idea is good, and it can be implemented. To force its development, the best way would be if you contributed by your investment. Please apply to OCC contact form (https://www.opencascade.com/contact) if you would like to go this way.

Best regards,

Koichiro Hayashi's picture

Thank you for your reply.
I will contact you from the form.
If we could not contribute, we hope that you will consider the plan in the future.