Splitting TopoDS_Wire


Is there a class in OpenCascade to achieve the splitting of portion of a TopoDS_Wire in 2 new TopoDS_Wire given 2 TopoDS_Vertex for splitting this wire (given an orientation).
The TopoDS_Wire can be open or closed.

My first problem is that i don't know how to get the parameter values of the two vertices over the wire.
My first idea first was to compute these two parameters values and after obtain the two portions of wire using a method like Trim.

Thanks in advances.

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Dear Steph,
See BRep_Tool class to find parameter of on .
Hope it will help you.

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Dear Supervisor,

To be honest not a lot :) But nevertheless thanks for answer.
I already know this class and i used it a lot.

My aim is not to have to work at TopoDS_Edge (or the minimum possible) level but directly at TopoDS_Wire level.

So i would like to know if there is a similar method of BRepTool::Parameter but feeding it a TopoDS_Wire instead of a TopoDS_Edge.

But my main problem is to know if there is a class to manage splitting wire given vertices.

I'm looking into the whole library and i've seen a lot of class but don't find one which can make what i'm expecting. Perhaps doesn't exists !!! and i would be grateful to know it to avoid searching more.

I've seen this classes which seems really interesting :

- ShapeFix_WireSegment and ShapeExtend_WireData but there are not a lot of documentation and don't know if it for my purpose.

- ShapeUpgrade_WireDivide and ShapeUpgrade_SplitCurve but i can't feed it with vertices.

I would be really grateful if you can give me an hint to succeed splitting thoses wires.

Thanks a lot.


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I forgot the BOPTools class but it's really huge !!!

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I forgot the BOPTools class but it's really huge !!!

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No, the mentioned above class doesn't exist.