Spur gear modeling

I am working on the project "Software development for spur gear design, modeling & drafting using OCCT & VS 2008". Pls mail me if anyone had idea about gear profile creation in OCCT. Its complicated to draw gear profile, dont know is it possible or not in OCCT 6.5.4.
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It is indeed possible to create gear profile in OCC. Look at the sample application screenshots on OCC website.. CamshaftGear and CamShaftAssembly.

To build a gear tooth profile you need to create the involute profile wire using gear calculations based on module pitch and dia etc. once you create the left profile you can mirror it about the tooth center line and then trim using the outer and inner circle. After that all you need is to copy-transform the number of teeth alon the circle and join them into a single wire. Then you could create a face from the wire and then extrude it to make a solid.

This link could give you more idea...
Though this is shown in CATIA, it should be fairly simple to use corresponding OCC APIs to generate the geometry.

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Hello Sharjith,
Thanks for your rpl. I have created 1 tooth for gear & I am searching for its tranaformmation thanks for ur help. cann u possible to send me ur email id..

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You can do the transformation using BRep Transformations. Rotate the tooth about the axis passing from the center of the base circle and perp to the plane. You could email me at sharjith@outlook.com

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FYI see parametricparts.com, which is built on top of OCC, developed by Dave Cowden.

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Hello jelle ,

I didn't got exact idea what do you mean pls. explain what I have to search on parametricparts.com. Thanks on Ur rpl.

Sorry for my mistake in Email ID that is: shashiausekar@gmail.com