Standard_EXPORT dllimport and dllexport

When building an application using OpenCasCade on Windows symbols get exported and a .lib and .exp file are created. This is caused by the macro Standard_EXPORT being defined as __declspec( dllexport ) (Standard_Macro.hxx).
I would like the symbols to be defined as __declspec( dllimport ). I worked around this by using:
#define Standard_EXPORT __declspec( dllimport )
before include any OpenCasCade headers. This however doesn't seem the proper way to deal with this. Does anyone know how it should be done?



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Are you sure? I mean, it should be automatically defined as dllimport. I use OCC headers in a DLL application and I've got no OCC symbol exported.

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It also happens when building the sample applications, for example the MFC AIS Basic sample.

The linker shows the following output:
Creating library ../Debug/AISBasic.lib and object ../Debug/AISBasic.exp