Starting from Visual Studio

Sorry for re-iterating this question, but it really bothers me...

If I try to start any OCC application (the examples provided) from the development environment (VS6, Vs7 and VS8) or from an external program (Total Commander) the application doesn't start (a messagebox stating that the display could not be started is shown). If I start the application by double-clicking the exe icon, everything starts OK...
This is really bothering me since development can be a real pain this way...
Has anybody experienced anything similar ?

Marco F.

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I might have something with the loading of TKOpengl.dll. (It's loaded at runtime.) I had a similar problem when i added both the debug and release versions of dll's to the path. Finally i've rebuilt the whole OCC and renamed the debug dll's to start with a d prefix. And with some environment overriding at startup (OSD_ENvironment::Build()), now it works form me.
If the problem still exists, try to debug into OCC and check where it is failed. (It'll throw an exception).

But first of all check your environment settings. (sg like CSF_GRAPHICS/Display - don't remember ???)


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I think we had a similar problem with environment variables (but with Qt Designer), so now we start VS.Net using like this:

devenv.exe /useenv